Giving Back

Giving Back - JC3 Charter Services

JC3 Charters has instilled an important focus on creating opportunities for aspiring pilots, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our founder Nathan Da Rocha has prioritised the CSR section of our business from an early stage because he believes creating opportunities for the next generation plays an important role for the industry.

“I have been blessed to earn my career in aviation. This is my passion and I was fortunate to be able to afford my way through the ranks,” he explains. “However, what I do realise in the same breathe is the fact that so many of our South African youth, who have an interest in aviation – just like I did – will never get to pursue their passion because of the costs of training and access to resources.”

“I want to play a part in opening the door to many more young pilots. I’m excited to help many more achieve their dream of becoming trained and licenced professionals.”

JC3 Charters is currently in talks with various stakeholders to create various development programmes and youth experiences.

If you’d like to contribute to these plans, please email us on